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SANS + LoveYourBrain

Blueberry Meal Bar

SANS Meal Bar is made of only real food ingredients.

0G added sugar and no artificial sweeteners

Quick and easy meal that's in high protein and fiber

Clean ingredients to support your gut and immunity

Delicious flavors that won't sacrifice your health goals

10% of proceeds go to LoveYourBrain!

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"The new SANS + LoveYourBrain Blueberry Meal Bar packs simple ingredients to keep our mind and body going - while supporting LoveYourBrain to keep impacting thousands of people each year!" 

-Kevin Pearce

LoveYourBrain is a national non-profit that helps people who’ve been affected by concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI) to increase resilience by optimizing brain health. Each year, they host the Ride for Resilience - a global cycling-centric campaign to educate, engage, and empower people affected by TBI! From May 1 - 31 - during National Bike Month - your purchase helps LoveYourBrain further its mission to improve the quality of life of people affected by TBI - by keeping their programs and resources FREE for the brain injury community.

TBI is the leading cause of death and disability in biking. And, the culture of cycling doesn't always create space needed for discussion, connection, and resources to support healing. Your purchase will support changing that! You’re supporting LoveYourBrain to raise awareness about the overlap of brain injury and cycling, connect more people in the biking world to their free programs and resources, and equip more communities with the tools to build resilience and optimize brain health!

Thank you for being a part of this work to create community and increase resilience by optimizing brain health when it’s needed the most.

Why SANS Meal Bar?

We believe that real food is the future of eating. Each SANS Meal Bar flavor is packed with superfoods and made only from REAL FOOD. No added sugars, no sugar alcohols, no emulsifiers, no chemical stabilizers and no “natural” flavors - EVER!

What our customers say!

See why thousands of customers trust SANS Meal Bar

Great bar

"Like the high calorie meal replacement bar with the simple ingredients. More substantial than others, gives energy needed!"

- Danna A.

Lives up to the hype

"I read about Sans after searching Google for the healthiest meal replacement bars. I definitely wasn't expecting them to be so tasty! Delicious and filling!"

- Stephanie S.

I LOVE these bars

"They are great for post-workout during big training days or meal replacement when stuck at a conference. They travel well and taste infinitely better than the other protein bars out there. Plus, there are no artificial ingredients or added sugar. Win, win!" 

- Alyssa K.

Do You Want A Different Flavor?

Is Blueberry not your thing? 

Click the link below to try another flavor. We'll still give the proceeds from your purchase to Love Your Brain. 

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