If we pedaled our bikes a little more and processed our food a little less the world would be a better place. 

-Corey, Co-Founder of SANS

SANS Meal Bar exists to make eating real food as easy as possible. SANS Pro exists as a home for like-minded athletes to be inspired, educated and empowered to share the power of real food with the world. 

We are a community of athletes dedicated to the pursuit of health, performance, and experiences that challenge you to find your limit. To be a SANS Pro just means you’re committed to the path, training to be the best version of yourself and having fun in the process.


SANS PRO membership is offered on an annual basis (starting from the date of purchase). Upon joining, new members receive a 12 pack of SANS BARS of their choice, limited edition SANS PRO cap and a SANS bike bottle. 

We play well with others! No matter what other clubs, crews, or teams you're part of, you're invited to join our community of like minded athletes.