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We founded SANS to address two significant problems:
The prevalence of unnatural, harmful foods in our diets.
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Global hunger
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Rapid Increase of Metabolic Disease

50 years ago, 1 in 8 American adults was obese. Today that number is greater than 1 in 3. There has been an 800% increase in diabetes in the United States since 1960 with 14% of adults today suffering from the disease. Another 30% of the remaining adult population is predicted to contract diabetes during their lifetime.

These are the facts. Modern science certainly suggests that the proliferation of the Western diet, which can be broadly defined as highly-processed foods filled with added sugar, is highly to blame for our demise.

Who profits from our demise? The healthcare industry, for one, has greatly benefited – as an estimated $250 billion a year is spent on diet-related healthcare costs in the United States alone. Most apparently, “Big food” and its $30+ billion marketing machine has been the beneficiary. For decades, they have assumed little to no responsibility for selling food detrimental to our collective long term well-being. They maximize profits by selling products full of preservatives and cheap, added sugars that have long shelf lives. With our busy, modern lifestyles as a distraction, we have gotten away from eating whole foods as nature intended.

At SANS, our objective is to make it easy to consume whole and healthy foods – at home, work or on the go.


Global Hunger

Over 800 million people around the world lack the proper food and nutrients to live a healthy, active life – that is about one in nine people on the planet who do not have access to proper nutrition.

SANS wants to help address the needs of hungry people in our world. Through our Buy Meals, Give Meals program, we will give a nutritious meal to someone in need every time a pack of our meal bars is sold.

We want to meet your needs.

As people are becoming more aware of the impact that the Western diet is having on their health, we have found that they want to make better decisions about what they put into their bodies.

But it is hard.

You are only getting busier, and who has the time to think about what whole foods to buy, let alone prepare them. Many of us want to eat healthier, but we are not sure what foods to eat.

We not only want to provide you with highly nutritious and great tasting products; we also want to save you time and money.

Let SANS meet your needs with great tasting, nutritious products delivered to your door, for under $3.00 per meal.